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About Printing & Copy Services

Printing & Copy Services goal and philosophy regarding on-campus and commercial printing.

Operating under Board of Regents, State of Iowa guidelines, Printing & Copy Service's mission is to identify and efficiently address Iowa State’s core printing needs by providing the appropriate printing services to the Iowa State community at the appropriate price, turnaround time, and quality. The goal is to provide services that contribute to the success of Iowa State, by producing projects in-house that can be most efficiently done on campus and by subcontracting other work to commercial printers. All printing work must be initiated through the purchasing agent located at Printing Services.

Printing & Copy Services provides all printing-related functions to academic, administrative and support departments; faculty members; staff-affiliated organizations; and students. These services include digital reproduction, full-color copies, large format color printing, offset printing, computer publishing, finishing, and mailing. In addition, print buyers purchase commercial printing for university departments.

Reason for the policy

Printing is unique among services and commodities at Iowa State, in that both the existence of the internal printing facility, including copy centers, and the subcontracting of printing are specifically authorized or regulated by the Board of Regents, State of Iowa. This Policy establishes authority for Board of Regents institutions to provide internal printing, thus authorizing operation of Printing Service's main plant and copy centers. The policy also assigns to Printing Services responsibility for procuring external printing for the Board of Regents institutions.

Emergency Weekend and Evening Copying

Special hours for events requiring copy services may be arranged at all centers. Call Copy Center Services at 294-7072 for current hours and information. Departments are to contact Printing Services at 294-2625 before utilizing outside vendors for printing or copying services.


Established in 1922, Iowa State University Printing & Copy Services operates and maintains facilities to fulfill the printing and photocopying needs of the university. Originally housed in the basement of Morrill Hall with one ditto machine, the department outgrew its space and moved to the Service Building, now known as Snedecor Hall. Expanding services and technology created the need for a larger facility, and Printing Services moved to its present location in 1967. The first copy center opened in 1967. Today, three Copy Centers provide convenient, localized service to departments.

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