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Notice: Materials availability is and will continue to be a potential issue on your orders. Prices have also been going up and will continue to (news article). Please consider this with your orders and be prepared to be flexible and/or allow more time. We will continue to mitigate issues the best we can. Thank you, for your understanding.

Price Change: Due to various changes in our industry, effective October 1st, new price rates will go into effect. There is no flat percentage that all prices are changing by, rather, it is dependent on the product type. Most prices are increasing, but there are a few with decreases. If you’d like to know the price of your order before it is placed, you can request an estimate. We appreciate your understanding and continued business.

Signage Update, Effective 10/11/21: There have been recent changes to the process for requesting some signs and graphics, specifically those that install/hang on university property. For this type of product, you may need to fill out a project request with FP&M, to ensure university policies are followed. Printing Services will determine if it is necessary based on your print request and notify you.