Posters, Banners and Signage

When you need an oversized graphic for signage, presentations, trade shows, storefronts, special events – and so on – you’re moving into wide/large-format printing.

Think posters, banners, POP (Point-Of-Purchase) displays, way-finding signage, wall art, etc. Wide/Large-format printing is one of the few graphics specialties that are not easily (or definitively) defined, because the technology keeps improving and more and more presses are introduced to the market.

A wide/large-format inkjet printer typically prints on large sheets or rolls of material/substrates. In our definition, the final product is often larger than 13”x19”, and up to 63” wide, though there are exceptions (stickers, magnets, etc). Some of these products may require Trademark approval, if ISU brand elements are used. See Internal Trademark Use for more information.

*May require Facilites Design and Construction

  • Posters
  • Banners*
  • Signs*
  • Maps
  • Architectural/Construction/Engineering Plans and Drawings
  • Way-Finding Signage*
  • ADA-Compliant*
  • Office/Storefront Signage*
  • Wall, Floor and Window Graphics*
  • Tradeshow Booth Graphics and Displays
  • Magnets
  • Stickers/Labels

Please contact us for an estimated price for your poster or wide format order.

Take a look at the different types of projects we can complete below:
(click on an image to see more detail.)

Raised ink printing for ADA compliant directional signage in buildings. *award winning
Large display graphics were printed and custom-cut by ISU Printing Services for use in exhibit hardware. (2-sided printing on Foamed-PVC)
We can print white ink on transparent sticker material as seen on these buckets for the Iowa State Fair.
We can print on translucent material that can be backlit to produce a stunning effect.
Coasters: Styrene Face with Foam-Rubber Base
Coasters can be cut to different sizes and customized with different designs. This coaster is on a hard paperboard.
The Design Store 2018 installation. Wall and table graphics printed and installed.
Clear acrylic Sign, back-printed with color and white ink.
Wall Graphics (example shown is more than 18’x26’).
Wall graphic.
Door and window graphics, using a perforated vinyl. Perforated vinyl works well to create privacy and/or can aid in blocking light.
This custom plaque is comprised of a bottom layer of 1/8” aluminum composite with a brushed finish. The top layer is 1/2” clear acrylic, back and reverse-printed to give it a formal look. The brushed aluminum screw caps match the aluminum base finish. All imagery is printed on our UV-ink flatbed printer.
Perforated Window Decal. You can see through and light also comes through.
Cut-Out Sign Letters, Brushed-Aluminum Composite
Wall graphic on textured, concrete wall. Material conforms to surface of the wall.
Large (96”x48“) wall calendar with gold stand-off mounting hardware, direct-printed on 1/8” aluminum composite.

Acrylic Awards: Custom-printed with full color and white!
Textures are a feature that can be added to your print projects, made possible with our layered-ink process on our flatbed UV-ink printer. This technology allows us to build-up or layer ink in ways that can mimic real-life textures, like leather, denim, stone, etc.
Perforated Window graphics using a high-definition 60/40 (40% transparent) adhesive window film. Depending on the lighting, this type of graphic allows you to display a window graphic on one side, while still allowing those inside to see out. (This particular window was also frosted)

Acrylic Wall Graphic finished with decorative, aluminum screw cover/stand-off mounting hardware. The 192”x41“ image is printed on the reverse sides of 2 pieces of 3/8” acrylic in reverse to protect the image and provide a more elegant look.

Backlit road sign printed on adhesive vinyl.
Window graphics using opaque white adhesive vinyl.
Custom Brochure/Flier Holders - Your Design can be printed on these foam-board displays. Custom sizes available.

Trailer-wrap graphics, printed and laminated. Installed by Transportation Services.

Cut-Letters using a brushed-aluminum finish aluminum composite, adhered to black foamed-pvc flood-printed, which is mounted to a wall using ¾” brushed aluminum stand-offs, with ¾” wall spacers.
Contour-cut ½” brushed chrome-faced, black-core premium foamboard and printed black-faced, black-core premium foamboard lettering
Cable-Suspended Display with Reverse, Back-printed Acrylic- for a unique and formal way to display graphics and information